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HALLOWEEN shop, ideas for costumes Wrestling mask


The "MaskedWrestlers" Halloween Little Shop

Welcome to our Halloween Shop of Wrestling Masks!

October 31 is not very far ...

It 's time to think about the disguises that you or your children will be able to wear for this occasion.

Skeletons, zombies, terrifying monsters: here is a selection - among our many models - of terrifying masks that can make a sensation during your Halloween party - for children and the older ones.

Our selection of Halloween Masks for children!

Pentagon Jr. !
Pentagon Jr. Kid Mask
12 €
Pentagon Jr. Kid Mask
(Lucha Underground)
Pirate !!!
Pirate Kid Mask
8 €
Pirate Kid Mask
El Torito !
El Torito Wrestling Mask for kids
12 €
El Torito Kid Mask

Our favorites and some Promos: for young and adults!

Yo Bro !
Hermano Muerte Adult Lucha Libre Mask
17,90 €  
Hermano Muerte Lucha Libre Mask
Hey Jack
Halloween Mister Jack Mask
27,00 €  
For All Tim Burton & Mister Jack Fans
Hey Pumpkin !!!
Halloween Pumpkin Lucha Libre Mask
19,99 €
A Great Classical
Ideal for vegans !

Monstruous butt Funny!

Smile :)
Lucha Libre Super Muñeco Adult Mask
22,90 €
Super Muneco Wreslting Mask
That !
Coco Azul Lucha Libre Mask
22,90 €
Coco Azul wrestling Mask for Adults
Poorly capped ! !
Psicosis Lucha Libre Adult Mask
18 €
Psicosis Lucha Libre Mask

Not Even Terrified!

Mister L.A. Parka
Masque Lucha Libre La Parka Adulte en tissu
25,00 €
L.A. Parka Lucha Libre Mask
Punish Me!!!
Masque Punisher Spandex
27 €
Punisher Pro-grade Mask
Super Hero !
Deadpool Adult Mask
27 €
Dead pool Adult Mask

The Wrestlers from Mars!

El Alebrije Lucha Libre Mask
22,90 €
El Alebrije Lucha Libre Mask
So Frenchy !!!
Cocorico Lucha Libre Mask
22,90 €
Cocorico Lucha Libre Mask
Space Man !
Alien Lucha Libre Adult Mask
22 €
Alien Lucha Libre Adult Mask