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Super Muñeco Mask

22.90 €(£ 20.23)
In Stock
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Super Muñeco Mask

 Feature Super Muñeco : is a luchador (Mexican wrestler) - his name literally means "super toy" and it represents the clown in the Mexican wrestling circuit . Son of wrestler El Sanguinario he began his career under the name Sanguinario Jr. before taking the name Super Muñeco.

Information about the product
This mask is made for desguise 
The mask has a rear closure with laces.
Wrestling should be practiced under good conditions!
Masque pour déguisement Fermeture à lacets      

  1. This mask is made for a disguise.
    It can not be used for professional use. Our masks are adult standard size (one size fits ALL) that is suitable for head circumference of 22.83 Inches (58 cm.)   to 23.62 (60 cm.) Inches about.
  2. This Super Muñeco mask is perfect for an original gift for a party or for a costume party, for a carnival, a bachelor boy, etc.. You will really stand out.