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Averno SemiPro-Grade Wrestling Mask

49.90 €(£ 44.53)
(-40.08%) 29.90 €(£ 26.68)
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The AVERNO Semi-Pro mask is a very cool and comfortable Lycra mask (hologram look), inspired by the Lucha Libre mask of the Mexican wrestler AVERNO of the CMLL.

This Semi-professional quality mask is one of our "top of the line" models - the most versatile and with the highest quality manufacturing and design, in the historical tradition of Mexican Lucha Libre. Made of lycra material (soft and resistant) with holograms, it is very versatile (will fit any face shape).

The mask is adjustable with a lace at the back of the mask and for more comfort and aesthetics, our manufacturer has added an extra protective band at the back of the mask.

BIO: Averno is a Mexican wrestler of the CMLL (World Council of Lucha Libre).

He has won the CMLL championships in the middleweight division and has also fought alongside Mephisto and Ephesto (the Los Hijos del Averno trio). He contributed to the development of Mistico (now Sin Cara) in Mexico.
Its name comes from mythology and refers to Eneada who descended to the underworld.

Product Information

This item is suitable for professional use.
Semi-professional quality mask.
The mask has a closure at the back with a lace (plus protective band).
The Catch must be practiced in good conditions!

 Fermeture à lacetsMasque de catch Semi-Pro         

  1. This lucha libre mask is designed for semi-professional use. It is made of lycra material, which is a material known for its resistance, its flexibility and which is pleasant to wear.
    It can be used in the ring as an amateur or be suitable for real wrestling fans.
    Our Semi-Pro masks are standard size (one size): that is to say, they are suitable for both adults and children (head size from 56 cm. to 60 cm. approximately).

  2.  This Semi-Pro Mask is suitable for a competition sport use as well as a gift for a wrestling fan or if you want to have a mask similar to those worn by Mexican luchadors.  Perfect for a gift, a bachelor party, a party, a disguise, a party, etc. It will make you stand out from the crowd!
  3. Wrestling must be practiced in good conditions!  If you are a wrestling fan then we advise you to see our "Wrestling Schools" section. Leave us your comments and tell us if you like this mask? Don't forget to visit our catalog, at  with more than 30 different designs of Mexican wrestlers masks.

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