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Halloween Special
Here is a selection of our best Masks for your Halloween Parties!
Sin Cara

Sin Cara Masks, Kid Sin Cara's costume, T-shirts and capes quality for kids and adults! - many colors, sizes and qualities

Mexican Wrestling Mask
Find our masks to disguise the Great names in Mexican wrestling: many ideas for gifts or parties!
Pro grade Masks
Superbly designed in Lycra materials find our selection of the best wrestling masks in semi-professional quality!
We now deliver all the countries of the EEC but also USA, Australia & Canada. Do not hesitate to ask us questions ...
*** Whatsapp (+33) 663.394.691 ***

What mask are you looking for ?
MaskedWrestlers New Masks
Pentagon Jr.
Kid Mask
Pentagon Jr. Kid Mask
12 €
Dragon Rojo
Lucha Libre Mask
Dragon Rojo Lucha Libre Mask for Adults
17,90 €
Wrestling Mask for Kids
Kalisto WWE Kid Mask Green & Gold Color - NEW !!!
15 €
Kid Captain America
Lucha Libre Mask
kid Captain America Lucha Libre Mask
10.00 € €
Rey Mysterio
Kid Economic Mask
Rey Mysterio Kid Mask
12 €
Sin Cara
Wrestling Mask for Kids
Sin Cara Wrestling Mask for Kids
15.00 €
Lucha libre Mask
Hermano Muerte Lucha Libre Mask - for Adults
17,90 €
Spandex Adult and Kid Mask
DEADPOOL Spandex Mask for Adults & Kids
27 €
Coco Azul
Adult Mask
Coco Azul Adult Mask
22,90 €
Halloween Pumpkin
Adult Mask
Halloween Pumpkin Lucha Libre Mask
14,90 €
Pro-Grade Mask
Punisher Spandex Mask
27 €
Lucha Libre
ALIEN Lucha Libre Mask
22 €
Most popular items
Rey Mysterio
Kid Mask
Rey Mysterio Kid Mask - Integral
24,43 €
Mask !! NEW !!
SUPER STAR Wrestling Mask for Adults
14,90 €
Sin Cara
Adult Economic Mask
Sin Cara Adult Economic Mask
17,90 €
Costume for Kids
Blue Color
Calisto Kid Costume in Blue Color
54,90 €
Black Shadow
Lucha Libre Mask
Black Shadow Lucha Libre Mask
22.90 €
Kids Rey Mysterio
Costume outfits
Kids Rey Mysterio Costume outfits & pants Black & Gold
54,90 €
A selection of the most beautiful masks of Mexican wrestlers and lucha libreLucha Libre Tee-shirts , vintage and great designA selection of the most beautiful and rare art-toys, toys, nanies, wrestling and lucha libr
Our World in B-movies & Video!
Why you should buy at MaskedWrestlers? is a website dedicated to the world of lucha libre (the Mexican wrestling) you will find a wide selection of 

mexican wrestling masks

 like Blue Demon, Doctor Wagner, Mistico ... but also masks of your favorite masked wrestlers like

Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio mask


We are both passionate about lucha libre and since 2009 we share our enthusiasm for what in Mexico is much more than a sport - lucha libre is a way of thinking, a culture that is also found outside of the ring in movies, design, photography, fashion and to some social movements. This is also the dimension of the lucha libre that we are trying to convey on our blog and in the shop section through eg. superb T-shirts created by local artists and also our figurines fruit of the imagination of Mexican artists and designers also crazy about lucha libre!

Whether you want to make a gift or you want to get the coolest superhero costume of earth you will find on here everything you need:

- Our

mexican wrestling masks

section offers masks for disguises of the great names in Mexican wrestling with a pure design, Our

Lycra Semi-Pro Mask

section includes a selection of high quality masks made in lycra materials
- In the

kids wrestling masks section

you will find both the

Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara mask for wrestling fans

, but also a selection of masks of superhero perfect for birthdays and disguises
- As in our

Kids capes wrestling

section, we have the capes for both adults and children,
Finally, in our T-shirts Lucha Libre section, figurines and Art Toys find a selection of products from the lucha libre that will make great gift ideas!