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Super Nacho Wrestling Mask (Nacho Libre)

22.90 €(£ 19.74)
In Stock
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Super Nacho Wrestling Mask (Nacho Libre)

Mask to disguise the character NACHO LIBRE (or SUPER NACHO) in the American comedy movie "Super Nacho".

This Super Nacho mask is perfect for a Mexican wrestler gift or costume !!!

The character of Nacho Libre comes from a comedy released in cinema in 2005 (under the title "Super Nacho") in which our character Nacho (played by actor Jack Black) embodies an orphan who spent his youth in a monastery Mexican, to then become a cook in this same monastery must register in competitions of Lucha Libre to help financially the monks of his monastery.
But Nacho fears the disapproval of the director of the orphanage.
So he leads his first masked fight ...
You can imagine the rest ;-)

This mask is blue in color with red details, with a lace-up enclosure.

Made in Mexico.
Enclosure: Lace-up
Mouth: Covere


Product Information
This item is not suitable for professional use.
Disguise mask
The mask has a closure at the back with a lace for adjustment
Wrestling must be practiced in good conditions!

Masque pour déguisement Fermeture à lacets      

  1. This lucha libre mask is designed for disguise.
    It cannot be used for professional purposes.
    Our masks for adults are of standard size (unitary): that is to say adapted for a head size of 58 cm. to 60 cm. approximately.

  2. This Nacho Libre (Super Nacho) mask is perfect for a gift, for a costume for a party, a party or a carnival, for a bachelor party, etc. It will allow you to stand out from the crowd. It will make you stand out from the crowd.
  3. Wrestling must be practiced in good conditions!  If you are a wrestling fan then we recommend you to see our "Wrestling Schools" section. Leave us your comments and tell us if you like this mask?