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PIERROT Jr. Wrestling Mask

19.90 €(£ 17.15)
(-50.25%) 9.90 €(£ 8.53)
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Mexican wrestler PIERROT Jr mask in black and yellow.

PIERROT Jr, whose real name is Norberto Salgado Salcedo, is a Mexican wrestler born in 1958.

He made his debut in the ring on July 1, 1984 and on that date the world of Lucha Libre saw the birth of a serious tough guy.

After winning the championship in the light heavyweight category and then the team championship in the same category, PIERROT Jr. established himself as one of the most hated (and paradoxically the most respected and adored!) wrestlers of the Mexican Lucha Libre.

This luchador who also fought a lot in teams with JAKE MATE (Checkmate) and MASACRE to form the trio los INTOCABLES (the untouchables) is also famous for his multiple confrontations with another Rudos wrestler: La Parka and Rayo de Jalisco.

Unfortunately, he had to put an end to his career because of a stroke that led him to be in a wheelchair.

He remains one of the most emblematic luchador Rudos of the Mexican Lucha Libre having been the perfect fusion between class and "roughness".

Product Information
This item is not suitable for professional use.
Mask for disguise
The mask has a closure at the back with laces.
Wrestling must be practiced in good conditions!

Masque pour déguisement Fermeture à lacets      

  1. This lucha libre mask is designed for disguise.
    It cannot be used for professional purposes.
    Our masks for adults are of standard size (unitary): that is to say adapted for a head size of 58 cm. to 60 cm. approximately.

  2. This Pierrot mask is perfect for a gift, for a costume party, for a carnival, a bachelor party, etc. It will make you stand out from the crowd.
  3. Wrestling must be practiced in good conditions!