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The Rey Mysterio saga goes on ...

As any good wine continues to develop and to strength itself as times go by. So it's also the same case with Lucha Libre.
All the story began with the uncle (Rey Mysterio Sr.) of the currrent Rey Mysterio and who was born in the city of  Tijuana. Now, we can be assured that the leyenda (the legend) won't take end with the departure of Rey Mysterio jr, because now appeared his successor el Hijo de Rey Mysterio who in fact is the cousin of the current and famous Rey Mysterio and who like any great luchador must take its marks in order to improve while returning in the rows of true "Lucha Libre".
Soon we can see him joining the CMLL (Mundial Council of Lucha Libre).
Hijo de Rey Mysterio                                                      Rey Misterio jr.

Rey Mysterio hijo vs Rey Mysterio jr

What do you think? Is it possible to see another wrestler coming on the ring with the same style and this fabulous technic that created the legend of Rey Mysterio Jr..
Who Knows ...
Created On  19 Jun 2011 10:00  -  Permalink

Mil mascaras in stamps

After El santo, Mil Mascaras has several stamps representing himself currently. A special ceremony took place on May 9th  to reveal the famous small self-adhesive. They are three but of course we would have liked them to have been one thousand;) 

This event allows to dedicate the career of this great luchador been on rings for 40 years and also to better introduce him to the new generations. Mil Mascaras  therefore is going to travel currently everywhere across Mexico thanks to the Mexican mail services!!!

Mil mascaras now has his stamps !

Also present at this occasion, El Hijo del Santo and the president of Mexican mail services have presented therefore these famous stamps that can be found found with different design under three forms.

It 's about a nice homage made not only for a great  luchador but still and also in a so representative cultural phenomenon and anchored in the Mexican tradition and popular culture.

Created On  12 May 2011 23:41  -  Permalink

The Flying Sin Cara

We're all waiting impatiently for the first real appearance of Sin Cara. While waiting, we propose already two short clip that let us see a bit of what our ex-Mistico will soon be able to do on and over a ring ;) 

Viva Sin Cara up in the air !!

Created On  7 Apr 2011 23:18  -  Permalink

Sin Cara’s debut first movie

Sorry for the poor quality of the image but we wanted to show you that even if you could feel a bit seasick after that :-) So it's a fact that Sin Cara made his WWE debut on Saturday night in Champaign, IL and defeated Primo Colon. Cara also did most of his trademark moves that he did as Mistico in Mexico.

Here is an amateur movie from Sin Cara’s debut.

Created On  2 Apr 2011 11:23  -  Permalink